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Sunday, August 25, 2013

Archive Post #1 - from Gingerology, originally posted October 22, 2009

...Just a Reminder..

...Gold Diggers of 1933 occurs tonight on TCM - 7:00 Central Time. It's a pretty cool movie if you haven't seen it, but make sure to catch the first 5 minutes or so, which is the TRUE 'gold'... :-)


  1. Heheh - *cough* *cough* - will I be beaten if I say that I have yet to see this one?

    It's supposed to be recorded tonight, so please keep your fingers crossed!

    Something went wrong when Kitty Foyle was going to be recorded last month and I still haven't seen that either. : ( Don't worry though, my copy is in the mail and should arrive any day now. : )
  2. I haven't seen a lot of hers Amanda, so not to worry.
    But I think I've seen most of her better known ones. :)


    PS Why does everyone type a laugh as 'heheh'?
  3. ...heh heh... I use that, too, as you are well aware... the source is unknown, but it is nevertheless pretty popular...

    How about we do 'Ha-Ha-Ha' in loving reference to Ginger's sarcastic laugh of choice? I'm for that!
  4. BTW - AC - hope you sucessfully obtained '33! It is a neat movie, but does not really showcase Ginger, after the first number, anyway... I DO like Joan Blondell, tho, so that keeps me watching...Ginger has a few 'drive-by' scenes, that's about it...
  5. ...BTW, a big 'G-ology' welcome to new followers Nicole, Gingerella, and KerrieGrant! Great to have y'all aboard! Please feel free to jump in with comments at any time... we like to yak over here... not the large hairy critter... but as in 'conversing'...primarily about Miss Rogers, of course!
  6. How cute you shout out. Yes please hehe gives me the creeps I always use haha. Sometimes hee hee if I'm silly. And sometimes Ha Ha Ha when messing around with Kerrie. HELLO KERRIE. How many google e-mails do you have?

  7. Thanks J!

    I did watch the movie last night (and recorded it) was one I knew about but never had the opportunity to see. After the movie it was said the reason Ginger got so much screen time despite it being a small part was because she was dating Mervyn LeRoy at the time...didn't know that! I don't recall her talking about that in her book, but perhaps I'm forgetting. *shrugs*
  8. I usually use "ha's," myself, but "heh's" seemed more appropriate for a rather nervous laugh. ; )
  9. Gingerella - Yes, Merv was one of Ginger's many suitors...trivia question: Who was the man who 'stole' Ginger away from him?

    We had a post somewhere other than here awhile back (think it was Beth's Blog - Finding Ginger) regarding the 'Ginger HaHaHa'... maybe we need to re-visit that...Lauren, you haven't posted anything since, well, Tuesday... so - I have given you a topic, which you seem quite passionate about (the Ha vs. Heh), if you feel up to the challenge...
  10. Where haven't I posted since Tuesday?
    Do you want me to write my personal feelings about Ha and He?
    Can do.

  11. JWalker, oh! It was Howard Hughes, wasn't it?

    Lauren, sounds fun. : )
  12. AC is correct! Ol' Howie swooped in and left poor Merv high and dry... but of course when Ginger rejected Howard, he basically went insane... well, he was kind of a 'mad genius' anyway... My middle name is Hughes, and I am still waiting for that inheritance check from Howie...
  13. Lauren... I think the topic from a while back was the occasions where Ginger says HA-HA-HA in a scene... I know 'Bachelor Mother' has it a few times... also 'Carefree', whilst Fred is golfing...
  14. I think my favorite ha-ha-ha moments are at the end of Bachelor Mother (obviously!) and in Carefree when she keeps throwing things out of the elevator door. : )
  15. So what am I blogging about?
    Wait... you side-stepped both of my questions. :P

  16. Lauren...sorry - you know, maybe this would be a good topic for SayWhat...(the heh vs. ha issue...)
    And, not sure what the 'Tuesday' reference was all about... but I am in awe of your blogging prowness...and you have a YouTube deal as well, so keeping up with all that is quite impressive!
  17. Ooh.
    Yeah and you were making fun of me for not posting! Sometimes it's hard to find a good chunk of time to post, I usually just have little in-between moments where I can comment/chat.


    PS Can I mention the name Huey in a SW post?
  18. Sure, Lauren... Huey may be used anywhere you deem fit!...and in any manner you wish (as payback is deserved...)
    No more 'posting smack' form this camp, guaranteed...lest I be flogged with a swimming pool floating noodle... :-]

    Huey in the Ham
  19. BTW - to AC - the Carefree scene where Amanda (well...YOU) goes on her 'sub-conscious' adventure..."Hello, you!" "button,button,button" "ohboy..." it's just little girl loves that scene, too.
    As for Bachelor Mother, it seems the Ha-Ha is peppered thruout... when Dave is returning the duck, she gives him a 'Ha-Ha', then when she tells her bud at the counter she is going to help return something, the bud says 'Ha-Ha'... seems like it is there in a few other scenes, too...guess I'll have to watch it is right up there among the TOP Gingers...
  20. Swimming pool floating noodle?!? AHAHA! I like those. I like shooting water out of them. :)

    I'm ready.

  21. Lauren, I love doing that too!

    JWalker, I'd forgotten about those moments! I adore that movie. : D
  22. Bachelor Mother is seriously one of the top Gingers ever... I love the 'put oatmeal on the belly of the baby' scene...when she reads out of the the book...Dave asks, 'what does it say?' Ginger - "it says...put the oatmeal on the baby'" Just too cool!
  23. Doesnt it show up during the fight scene in Vivacious Lady as well?

Sunday, April 21, 2013

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